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Client testimonials

As one of London’s leading consultancies, we have experience serving organisations from a wide range of industry sectors. If you like what our clients say about Devonshire below, then why not contact us now?

What our clients say about us

"It reflects extremely well on the candidates and Devonshire that your staff are prepared to go that extra mile to service clients such as us. Our current relationship with Devonshire is working extremely well. The variety and quality of staff you provide seems to have been well received by the stakeholders we are working with."
- Ben Murphy, Head of UK Marketing, GfK

"Thank you for helping us with our resourcing crisis the week before last. The candidate did an amazing job and was incredibly helpful. It would have been very hard for our team to have met the deadlines without the candidate's help. Thanks again – I really appreciate you finding such a great contractor for us at such short notice."
- A top catering and facilities management company

"I was impressed with the candidate's un-fussed approach and his ability to jump straight into the job. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him and Devonshire again."
- Greg Morgan, Creative Design Manager, Hobs Reprographics

"[A] number of temps you have placed have gone on to become permanent employees, which I think is a huge credit to the standard and quality of people we are placing.”
- Gordon Mackinnon, Account Director, RR Donnelley

“I have worked with my Devonshire consultant on both sides of the fence and been delighted with the results each time. He has an innate ability either to provide great opportunities for me as an job applicant or great CVs as a recruiter. He is flexible in his approach and provides excellent advice and expertise. He is always on my short list.”
- Felicity Bull, Head of Communications, North and East London Commissioning Support Unit

Contact us

To find out more about Devonshire's recruitment services, email or call us on 020 3047 4507. Alternatively, you can tell us about your needs by registering a job.
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