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Contractor payroll services

If you hire freelance or temporary staff, we can manage your contractors’ payroll on a weekly basis and in compliance with all relevant legislation, including Agency Worker Regulations. That means you can relax safe in the knowledge that you financial and legal obligations are being met.

Trust our contractor payroll services to help you:

  • Save money Using our dedicated people and systems saves you the added expense of setting up an in-house function specifically to pay what may only be a few contractors on a weekly basis. Because of the size of our operations, we can also deliver this payroll function at great-value rates.
  • Build and maintain better relationships with your contractors Ensuring freelancers are paid accurately and on time enhances their loyalty – essential when they have in-demand skills and experience you want to retain.
  • Eliminate payroll errors We ensure invoiced rates and add-ons – like overtime, expenses, travel allowances and retainers – are as agreed and that contractors’ claimed hours match your own records.
  • Enjoy more peace of mind We’ll navigate the employment legislation minefield for you, ensuring your payroll is 100% compliant.
  • Settle your accounts more easily Depending on the project concerned, and your cost-centre make-up, we can invoice for each contractor separately, or consolidate multiple bills into single items.

To find out more about Devonshire contractor payroll services, email Paul Johnson or call us on 020 3047 4507.

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