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Candidate testimonials

In our quarter-century in business, Devonshire has helped thousands of people find their dream freelance or permanent job. Below are some testimonials from our former candidates.

What people say about Devonshire

"I have a history with Devonshire. We go back a long way, and Devonshire has always done well by me, which is why you were the first people I called when I heard my job would be moving to another location."

“My Devonshire consultant provided the support I needed to get the job I wanted. He had expert and trustworthy knowledge of the client which provided me a solid basis for my interview. Well, I got the job!"

"My Devonshire consultant was there during the whole process and solved my needs and doubts. If I were looking again for a job, I would contact them straight away."

"I was impressed by the consultant's in-depth knowledge of the client, the culture and the role. They provided a great service giving me help and advice and prompt feedback at every stage."

“The way my Devonshire consultant managed the relationship between himself, my prospective employer and I was second to none. He equipped me with all of the information I needed to succeed and he offered a level of support and assistance that I hadn't experienced before. He kept me up to date at all stages of the interview and placement process so that I felt confident and empowered to start my employment. It made such a difference to the whole experience.”

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