Meet the Team: Jon Caws, Content and Digital & UX Consultant

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We would like to introduce you to our new Meet the Team series. In light of these challenging times, our recruitment consultants are here to share their advice to help active candidates during this time. As part of this series, you’ll also find out more about our consultants, the sectors they work in and their individual working from home tips.

As part of our series, we spoke to Jon Caws, our Content and Digital & UX Recruitment Consultant.


Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do at Devonshire?

I focus on recruiting digital content specialists but have a background recruiting across the creative sector so can turn my hand to recruiting most digital roles. I work closely with a network of freelancers but also recruit for fixed term contracts and permanent roles. The candidates and clients I work with would probably describe me as open, honest and passionate about the creative industry.


Explain a bit more about your desk/sector and the type of roles you recruit for?

Here at Devonshire we work in verticals so we can offer clients and candidates a specialist service from an expert recruiter with a wealth of experience recruiting specific roles. I specialise in recruiting for digital content, anything that touches the written word. This ranges from Editors or Writers to Content Designers or Content Strategists. I also have a network of User Researchers I work with that we can contact if clients want us to build agile teams for them.


In your opinion, what makes a candidate in your sector stand out from the crowd?

Knowledge and intelligence are key. Clients are rarely interested in hiring people who can do a job, they want someone who can offer them more. The creative industry is constantly evolving so you need to know about the latest developments and what techniques are currently being used. This could be anything from the latest analytical tools to pair writing.


What advice would you give to people wanting to get into your sector/progress in similar roles that you recruit for?

The lines are blurring in the digital industry so to understand more about how other people in multidisciplinary teams work and their responsibilities is really useful. Like any vertical in the creative sector you need to keep up to date with developments. New processes, techniques and ways of working are constantly being introduced so look to the leaders and make sure you know what the clients will need next.

It goes without saying that a CV and LinkedIn profile for a writer needs to be perfect, but beyond this if you’re applying for a digital writer role you can show the client what you’re capable of by writing your CV as if it’s a piece of digital copy.


What advice would you give to your active candidates looking for temporary and permanent work in the current climate with COVID-19?

At a time like this it’s best to stick to your core strengths but also diversify by opening up to different industry sectors, maybe offer additional relevant skills you usually wouldn’t and be open minded. If you do struggle to find work then learning a new skill will make you more desirable to clients when the market does pick up.


Finally, what’s your top tip for working from home?

Do your best to stick to the hours you usually work so you can separate work and home life. If you have the opportunity to get outside before work and during your lunch break take advantage as the change of environment will help your mental wellbeing.


If you would like to contact Jon to find out more about the roles he is recruiting for or for any more advice, please contact him on / 0203 047 4608.



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