Tips for a business-winning pitch from Hobs Reprographics

Our clients have been telling us lately that they are in the grip of pitch fever – which for once has nothing to do with football.

With the market creeping back up to where it was before the recession, it seems businesses are beginning to invite more suppliers to pitch. It’s time to make sure that your presentations and bid documents stand out from the crowd.

Our client Greg Morgan, the Creative Design Manager at Hobs Reprographics, took the time to share his top tips for creating pitches that work.

Understand the client’s needs

“A key priority for us is understanding what the client needs. We try to discover if there are any pain points they might have, or something that their current supplier doesn’t offer them. We then structure the presentation around what we discover and make sure it’s relevant to them… Companies sometimes go in and simply base their pitch around their capabilities, rather than talking about what they can do for that particular client and how their service offering is relevant and beneficial to them.”

Make sure your pitch stands out visually

“We’ll take into account how much we want to model it on the client’s branding to integrate their look and feel into our presentation. Sometimes we go the other way, and just stick to our own branding. Either way, we make the visuals as consistent as possible throughout the whole presentation and keep the message tight.”

Involve the client

“Instead of basing an entire presentation around a linear PowerPoint (or even Prezzie) presentation, we also give the client the opportunity to ask questions and interact with us whenever possible. It can result in higher client engagement, creates a more relaxed atmosphere and allows us to learn even more about what the client is looking for.”

Be adaptable

“We try to keep the presentation flexible so that if we’re thrown a curveball during the meeting we can just jump to a relevant slide. Presentations can’t always be linear, so we make sure that we can change things in mid-flow if we have to while ensuring it all still makes sense.”

Bring in new staff with fresh eyes

“We’ve found it very beneficial to have freelancers come in to work on a pitch. People who have worked somewhere for a long time can get comfortable, and inspiration can run dry. It’s very helpful to bring in new perspectives.”

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