There’s never been more demand for high quality digital and social media content. But creating content that’s truly successful requires more than simply great writing. The best content designers and strategists can also research effectively, and understand and organise large amounts of complex information, identifying trends within web analytics data, and then planning engagement strategies around it. As a result, these are the skills we look for in our content professionals.

Roles we regularly fill

  • Content designers
  • Content editors
  • Content strategists
  • Content managers
  • Copywriters
  • Editors
  • Producers
  • Proofreaders
  • Video producers
  • Writers

A recruitment agency with a difference

At Devonshire, we aim to develop long-term relationships with both organisations and jobseekers to better understand the needs of each and so fill job vacancies more effectively.

Therefore, when we offer a particular candidate for your vacancy, you can feel confident that we have funnelled that candidate through a rigorous vetting process. This process will have been aimed at assessing the suitability of that jobseeker’s skills for the particular position.

Find professionals who can meet your content needs

Your company could have a range of specific needs in communicating itself with text. You might want to clarify your firm’s offerings through various pages of your website or regularly add fresh content to a blog which could preserve your relevancy in the eyes of future customers or clients.

For fulfilling these responsibilities, we can provide candidates who are skilful with writing, copywriting and proofreading. However, great content is more than just great text. For this reason, we can also provide you with video producers to let you embed exciting video content into your website and content designers who can help to make the whole interface easy to navigate.

We can also match you with high-quality candidates for many senior positions, including those of editors, strategists, managers and producers. Through filling these roles, you can more easily oversee a content marketing strategy in a manner that keeps it on track.

How do we assess the suitability of candidates?

The time that we spend with candidates before we start matching them to vacancies helps us to accurately discern each candidate’s personality, abilities and other attributes. We know that content marketing strategies are multi-faceted and, therefore, call for a range of particular skills.

The specialist nature of these skills means that they can be most effectively judged over the long term. We can also help to hone the quality of our candidates by providing them with constructive feedback if they are not successful in securing jobs for which they were put forward.

However, we also know that your demands could fluctuate over time. For example, you might just want to refresh your site with new content that you anticipate remaining in place for years. In this situation, for contract work, we can put forward candidates who know that they won’t be committing to your organisation for the long haul.

You can contact our Content specialist for further details of how we work.