Compelling, beautifully crafted print still creates a powerful effect. We match organisations big and small with creative and technical specialists. Many of our opportunities involve working on high-end, high value pitch, sales and marketing materials for global businesses. As a result, we have strong links with designers and print professionals who are used to working to the very highest standards.

Roles we regularly fill

  • Art directors
  • Creative artworkers
  • Creative directors
  • Creative teams
  • Designers
  • Design managers
  • Heads of design
  • Lead designers
  • Production specialists
  • Retouchers
  • Studio managers
  • Traffickers

We do things differently here at Devonshire

When you start your relationship with us at Devonshire, you can look forward to meeting face-to-face with a trusted consultant who will develop a thorough understanding of your organisation’s needs. We know that looking for apt candidates for creative positions can be uniquely challenging.

However, through also honing our insight into the jobseekers on our books, we can shed much of the challenge by carefully picking the most suitable candidates for the specific positions you wish to fill. We rigorously vet each candidate to measure their suitability on various factors.

Which difficulties could we ease for you?

There is a huge range of creative industries for which we could fill positions. These industries include those of advertising, architecture, design, fashion, TV, publishing, music and the performing and visual arts. Collectively, the creative economy employs millions of people in the UK.

The creative industries have also grown rapidly and tend to attract many candidates per vacancy. However, this fierce competition can actually complicate matters for employers, who could struggle to discern which specific applicant has the best personality and skills for each vacancy.

Employers in these industries have also reported that candidates often lack the relevant skills and experience for the positions for which they are applying. There is often a noticeable discrepancy between creative workers’ qualifications and their skills.

How we can allow creative industries to flourish

As a recruitment agency, we can help candidates to prepare more effectively for their job search. For example, if a candidate is turned down for a position, we can advise them on how to revise their approach for future applications.

This can be invaluable given the common importance of industry skills and experience for success in the creative sectors. Various jobs in these sectors can call for highly specialist skills. For this reason, there has been an overlap between the creative and technology sectors as IT is put to creative uses.

However, a jobseeker might not notice that they are lacking in such skills unless this is pointed out to them through constructive feedback. Our trusted consultants can provide this feedback.

We also know that creativity can’t thrive without diversity. We will keep this in mind as we assist you in putting together a suitably varied workforce. If you would like to learn more about how this will work in practice, please get in touch with our Content specialist.