Devonshire Online Privacy Policy

Devonshire takes the privacy of its clients, candidates and visitors seriously. We are committed to maintaining customer privacy and to the maintenance of the security of all personal data that is received.

Data received and processed

Devonshire receives personal data both in the course of the services it offers and in the recruitment process. This data consists of information such as your name, address, nationality, e-mail address and work and education history. Devonshire processes this personal data as necessary to provide our service offering and to aid the recruitment process. Devonshire also collects statistical information to provide it with a better understanding of the website users as a group, but this does not contain personally identifiable information.

Sensitive Data received and processed

Devonshire receives and processes sensitive personal data only so far as is necessary to ensure it conforms with legal requirements, for example under the equality of opportunity laws and the asylum and immigration legislation. By using this website and by supplying your details to Devonshire, you consent to the company collecting and processing sensitive personal data supplied by you and disclosing this information to prospective employers and clients in connection with the recruitment process.

Sharing and Disclosure

Devonshire does not share or rent any personal information received with third parties unless:

  • You have specifically consented to allow Devonshire to share your personal information with third party organisations.
  • You are seeking employment with a third-party organisation through the services of Devonshire and, for the purpose of evaluating your suitability, the third-party organisation requests some or all of the information you have supplied us for this purpose.
  • It is to enable Devonshire to provide a product or service you have requested.
  • Devonshire is required to do so by legal process, or in response to a court order or other legitimate request by a relevant authority.

Data safeguards

The security of your data is extremely important to Devonshire. Access to your personal data is only given to our staff and third parties who help us to process data, in order to help with the provision of our services and in particular, the recruitment process.


Devonshire may set and access Devonshire cookies on your browser. Devonshire does not permit third party organisations to set or access Devonshire cookies on your browser. From time to time other companies may set and access their own cookies on your browser through your usage of the Devonshire web site. Devonshire cannot access these cookies and you should consult the relevant third-party’s privacy policy if you require further information.

Changes to this Policy

Devonshire may modify the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time. If a substantial or material change to the way in which Devonshire intends to use your personal data you will be contacted by email and an appropriate web page will be prominently posted on the Devonshire website detailing the changes.

Data Removal

Devonshire will store your personal details as long as necessary to realize the obligation. After the final obligation has been satisfied or following twelve months of non-usage, we will contact you and ask you if you want to keep your details on our database. If you do not indicate that you wish your details to be retained on our database, we will archive your account.